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About Me

Hi there!

My main passion is to integrate, merge and align with my multidimensional I Am Source Energy Creator Self and fifth dimenionsal Soul and to hep others interested in that to do so too.

I'm a Mom of two young adults, 37-year Business Coach, 31-year Spiritual Energy Healer, Mentor ('the I Am and SoulAlignmentCoach'), and I'm a published author of Consciousness, Meditation non-fiction and several fiction series.

I've been chatting with Angels and fairies and singing light languages from my young childhood days playing outside making mud cakes and pies with my dog Toby, long before I knew what sound healing and light languages were. 

I started using galactic toning sound healing in 1990 for my own personal self healing journey and helping others. My go-to emergency call for help other than 'help' is sound healing... LOVE it! ;)

Some of my favorite conversation topics include:

***  I Am and Soul alignment techniques such as meditation, journaling, sound healing etc, etc

***  Soul mate relationships

***  Consciousness, other time/space realities, being full master creator at one with All That Isa

***  Create Heaven On Earth life

***  Mindset

***  Being unconditionally happy all the time

Please accept my sound healing meditation Gift, 'I Am Open and So Thankful To Receive Today's Divine Abundance' audio.