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Slow Intentional Homeschooling

  • A Trusted Curriculum

    Over 8 Years of experience writing and creating homeschool curricula for homeschooling families everywhere.

  • Engaging Unit Studies

    Unit studies that engage students across a wide range of grades so the whole family is able to learn together.

  • No Prep Learning

    Our curriculum is open and go, so there is very minimal or no prep needed for our units.

  • Free Printables

    Free Printable Resources to support homeschool families everywhere.

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Hi I'm Holly!

I'm a homeschooling momma with 8 years of homeschooling experience. I am a curriculum writer. I have written for Wild and Free. I have also been a speaker at several homeschooling conventions. I have a background in Early Childhood Education and Healthcare.

My passions are home education, sustainable homesteading, and parenting from a place of peace and love. If you believe strongly in preserving the magic of childhood, if you believe in fostering a love of learning, if you want to nourish deep solid connections within your family, you've found the right place.

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