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Want your copy of Billionaire Grump early? It's now available for purchase exclusively via the author's store. You can send the eBook file to your eReader or read it on your electronic device (phone, tablet, computer) using the iBooks or Kindle App. (Or any other eReader App available).

Coming soon to Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Nook, and more vendors on October 21st.

New to Audio!

Now available in audiobook format! Featuring Ash Beverly as the narrator, Wicked Boss the Audiobook is on sale for a limited time.

Obsessive Boss

We’ve remodeled Club Sage, and I’m just about to burn the place down to the ground.

When Savannah comes looking for a job, I hire her on the spot. We’re desperate for dancers, and she’s stunning. How could she not be perfect for the job?

Don’t mix business and pleasure—the advice I should have heeded from my mentor and boss, Nikita Krylova.

I let a federal agent into the workplace.

Savannah has access to the books and the money we launder.

I’m screwed if my boss Nikita or the head of the bratva, Mikhail, discovers my little indiscretion.

But they’re bound to find out since Mikhail’s better half, Madisyn, is former FBI. She worked with Savannah Blakely. Do I come clean and accept that I’m a dead man or bury the truth and a few bodies before anyone finds out?


Love listening to audiobooks?

Brutal Boss has a hot new narrator (Ash Beverly). He did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life, including giving Mikhail a spicy Russian accent.

You can download the entire audiobook right now before it's available anyplace else!

When you download through Payhip, you will also be given access to the audiobook via Bookfunnel. An email will follow, if you prefer to stream the audiobook from Bookfunnel.

Expose: Jaxson

Welcome to Breckenridge, where the men are rugged, dominant, and will do whatever it takes to protect the women they love.

Spicy Slow Burn Romance

Love morally gray mafia bad boys? Each book in the Mafia Marriages series is standalone with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happily ever after.

Hot New Series!

We run New York City. We control every inch of it and anyone that gets in our way is executed. We're not the good guys. We take what we want, when we want it. We've been called brutal, wicked, possessive, obsessed, and a dozen other filthy names. We are the Bratva Brothers and we've come to claim our brides.

Willow Fox

Willow has loved writing since she was in high school (many ages ago). Her small town romances are reflective of living in a small town in rural America.

Whether she’s writing romance or sitting outside by the bonfire reading a good book, Willow loves the magic of the written word.

She dreams of being swept off her feet and hopes to do that to her readers!

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