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Appearances: Penguicon 2021


Penguicon 2021 was a virtual convention, which was totally fab, as Mike and I aren't quite ready yet to travel. (And Leona, our cat, would vastly prrrefurr we keep it that way.)

We were able to participate in several panels as well as delivering our own, learning some important things along the way, starting with the fact that what's easy for you, may not be easy for others, so explaining how-to-do is often important.

The biggest highlight, I think for both of us, was learning about speculative poetry - i.e., poetry that has some kind of sci-fi element to it. Neither one of us knew that such a thing existed earlier, but we are loving it! Look for speculative poetry chapbooks & books coming soon to the shop. (What Do the Stars Think?), (Rocket Ride)

We also learned about the sub-genre of speculative poetry known as scifaiku - speculative poetry written in a haiku-style. These are quite fun to do and it's an interesting puzzle to try to get your thought across while remaining within the form's constraints.

In addition to my contributing a colo(u)ring page for the Swag Bag, Panels we led included a session of free-writing to prrrompts, a yarning session, and a reading of our poetry and song. Regarding the last, while we weren't allowed to record the actual event, we will be polishing the playlist and recording it as a Virtual Purr-formance sometime soon.

Another panel we led was a 'Pouncing our PHDs (Prrrojects Half-Done). In addition to leading the panel, I also modelled the idea by finishing what I am now calling the 'Penguicon Shawl' a floor-length creation at least half-done.

Penguicon is a great convention - a mix of sci-fi and open-source software - and am looking forward to next year and beyond! Stay tuned to hear what we'll have going on for Penguicon 2022!!

On to the next! Balticon 2021, here we come!

Chirp, chirp! :-)

Birdy :>O<:

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