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Updates from a Creative Life - Filk & Other Goodnesses!
'allo!So, Balticon and Penguicon are both behind us. Turns out there's a lot more virtual fandom out there than we thought. Great to know now, but also leaves us wondering 'why didn't we think to look?' before, as convention-...
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Balticon 2021 Wrap-Up
'allo!Well, we're into our third week past Balticon, and I finally have a moment to stop and tell you about it!As ever, things went differently than expected, but that's actually a good thing, in the long run! (In the short run, we're still being ...
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Appearances: Penguicon 2021
'allo!Penguicon 2021 was a virtual convention, which was totally fab, as Mike and I aren't quite ready yet to travel. (And Leona, our cat, would vastly prrrefurr we keep it that way.)We were able to participate in several panels as well as deliver...
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