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Updates from a Creative Life - Filk & Other Goodnesses!


So, Balticon and Penguicon are both behind us. Turns out there's a lot more virtual fandom out there than we thought. Great to know now, but also leaves us wondering 'why didn't we think to look?' before, as convention-folk eagerly look back to the return of the in-purrson event, and we begin to resign ourselves to another period of isolation, due to economic and feline forces. (Note to self, re-noted: it is difficult to write cheerful under cloudy skies. #SolarPoweredAvian)

In the meantime, we are looking to what there is, which is a bunch of filk, as well as a few other conventions. Nothing formal scheduled on the convention-side yet (watch this space), but if you're into filk, I will be appearing regularly at Eurofilk, a bi-weekly European virtual filk circle. Go sign up on the list here for information on Eurofilk and other virtual filksings, including Zoom room details.

Mewsic is pouncing!

The Mewses and I have come up with a couple of songs and the beginnings of several more. Also, the urge to purr-form is rising, which I suspect will lead to us finally getting out some of our Asynchronous Virtual Purr-formances, which are combinations of poetry, song, and story, aimed (so far) at creatives looking for ins-purr-ation.

That's it for now! Until next-nest time, remember the Most Important Thing: keep the Beak-side UP! (unless you are doing Intentional Acro, in which case, not only it's okay, it's required to occasionally not. :>O<: )

Chirp, chirp! :-)

Birdy :>O<:

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