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The Help-full-ness of Books

The Help-full-ness of Books, a blog post by Birdy Diamond :>O<:


As I was doing my somewhat-obsessive email checking today-as-I-write-this, I came across this post by The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, and I just had to stop and read.

Because while my head is differently arranged than hers, and my scary-head-stuff different too, still, I know this Journey. I know what it's like to escape into a book when the world is too hard, when it feels like nobody else will truly understand, when you just need a freaking MOMENT to be reminded that not all the world is scary and hard.

Did that this weekend, in fact. Along with the delight-full discovery that PayHip had given us this lovely update to their store with suspiciously Divine timing (not that I'm arguing!!!!), I took some moments to devour two out of the three Matchmaker Bay books by Jenny Holiday. (Only two, because sadly, being a creative at the beginning of her journey-to-being-paid doesn't allow for anything other than library books for now. But I will say that these are well worth the buying when the time comes!)

The caring and kindness of the people of Moonflower Bay were a much-needed balm to my heart and my soul, shaken as they were by recent purrsonal economic disasters.

The books were also a good time-away-from-the-computer as I create fun new colo(u)ring and begin to arrange for our Asynchronous Virtual Purr-formances.

Books do bring healing, escape, company along their way. They can entertain, inform, and delight you.

And sometimes, they can help you through the hardest times, reminding you of the Most Important Thing, to Keep the Beak-side Up for another day.

Chirp, chirp! :-)

Birdy :>O<:

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