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Speculative Poetry Chapbook 'What Do the Stars Think?' OUT!!


I've got a Speculative Poetry Chapbook OUT!! No longer in PreOrder, 'What Do the Stars Think?' is #ReadyForReaders - check it out here:

Birdy and I have always loved going to Sci-fi Cons, and between the pandemic and the financial challenges we are facing; we haven't been to one in some years.

Then, because of the pandemic, some of the cons went virtual, including one we both consider our "home" con - Penguicon 2021.

So, we "went" virtually of course, and even were able to be Presenters, and had an awesome time that weekend.

While we were there, we got exposed to something called speculative poetry. It is where regular poetry crosses sci-fi, and we felt like we had come home! A fair amount of my poetry goes along those lines anyway (those poems that are not about flying or politics), so I perked up at that info - Birdy and I kind of looked at each other and thought WOW!!!

This is for us!

And almost instantly, my notebook came out, and I immediately did a combination of writing new poetry and looked at my older stuff to see which ones were appropriate for the chapbook I at that instant decided to write.

It has been a long time since I have had a level of excitement like this around a writing project. And I am glad to see it back! YAY!!!

In this chapbook, I am speculating in the way I have always enjoyed from others - aggressively! There will be a future post on what I mean by this, but for now, check it out here:

I had fun writing 'What Do the Stars Think?', and I hope that you enjoy reading it at least as much as I did writing it.


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