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About Me

Hi! I'm Simone

"Brand Glow" has actually been 19 years in the making! Why? Because I've been doing branding, Marketing and PR consulting for my own business and with small and medium businesses (and some big brands too!) for over 19 years.

It started off as just helping a friend of a friend or just through word of mouth.

The start of the pandemic actually saw an increase in the amount of enquiries I started to get. The easy sales and constant customer traffic that businesses took for granted in the pre-pandemic years ground to a halt or barely trickled in, from the onset of the pandemic. This was the case with most businesses - regardless of industry.

Having been a successful entrepreneur for over 19 years, which started with being the Founder of, I felt I wanted to do more for other businesses and share what worked for me.

I don't have the belief that Marketing & PR consulting is just "fluff' - cute images, slick videos and creative writing. For business owners, marketing should mean a way to get results - something you invest in so that you can see a clear path to success for your brand.

Watch this space if you want to work with me someday or if you just want to learn a bit about secrets to getting marketing and branding results!