Butzeria.ch - Meret Buetzberger

Hi, I am Meret, better known as Butzeria, I live with my family in a small village near Zurich, Switzerland. I’m a real country bumpkin, and proud of it! And although I’m already over 40, it somehow didn’t work itself out of my system while growing up. I like to make jokes and sometimes say stupid things to my son and husband. It’s this side of my personality that certainly has a big influence on my designs. Due to my (very small) perfectionism problem, I ended up working with double knitting. Two perfect sides in one stroke, makes my heart beat faster! I also love to design and knit one-sided designs, but double knitting and exploring its possibilities is my big love.
I teach several workshops throughout the year at home and abroad. On my website, you can find many helpful tips.
Enjoy it and thank you for visiting me!