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Eat Chinese to Lose Weight


About Me

My mission statement is to show you how to plan and prepare creative, quick, healthy, easy dinner on the table in no time with a very low budget.

If you are a beginner, I hope these recipes and my journey starting this website will inspire you to give cooking a try.

EZ-DinnerIdeas did not start out to have so many low-carb or Keto recipes. In 2018, I decided to follow the Keto diet. My husband and I started on the same day and purchased an ebook for it. Being a big eater, the recipes didn’t work out for me. But I did learn about the definition and food categories of Keto and low-carbs.

Little did I know that at the time many of my recipes are low-carb already. And I had been eating low-carb lunches. Honestly, it was an eye-wide opener that I have been doing it for so many years but not knowing it.

So when I got into Keto diet, all I needed to do was to expand my low-carb eating to Keto. Instead of limited myself in low-carb or Keto lunches, I need to expand to my breakfast, snacks and dinner.

From then on, I have been adding more and more low-carb and Keto recipes.

Does that mean I only publish low-carb and Keto recipes? Absolutely, NOT!

The reason is that I still love my carbs. I have my “cheat” days and a lot of time to enjoy a dinner with families and friends without worrying about carb consumption. My life mantra is, “All about balance.” That’s also the same theory I have been teaching my only son. Nothing can go from one extreme to another. So, carbs or not, you will still find plenty of delicious recipes here.