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About Us

Elite Life Skills Coaching is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit coaching firm that provides coaching services in a multitude of areas, including, but not limited to, divorce, career guidance, autism, depression, drug recovery, stress/anxiety, etc. We also provide coaching services to organizations. Coaching services are provided by "credentialed" professionals with more than 20 years of individual professional experience in mental health and human services. In addition, our coaches hold multiple academic degrees (a minimum of bachelor's and master's) and field certifications from accredited universities within the United States.

Methods of Service

Elite contracts with clients frequently and provides "interstate" coaching services through a variety of methods, including by e-mail, instant messaging, Internet/Skype, and telephone.

Intake Procedures

Before Elite contracts with a client, the client must complete an "Intake Form." The form is a screening tool used to evaluate whether a person is an appropriate candidate for Elite's life coaching services. Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and/or stable. The term "stable" may include clients who have a mental illness but who are on prescribed medication from their psychiatrist. The term "stable" may also include clients who are not on medication but who are under the care of a psychologist.

Once the Client and the Coach execute a Coaching Agreement, the Client will be provided with a username and a password to access his/her online coaching account. With the online account, the Client will be able download assignments, review his/her progress on the issue(s) for which s(he) has sought services, view the Coach's notes, and view and pay bills.

Contract Terms

The term of Elite's coaching services for a client may vary from three months to a little over a year. To ensure the success of coaching services, Elite recommends a three-month commitment from each client The length of the coaching services is always the client's choice; and the client may contract for a period shorter than three months -- days or weeks, etc..


Because coaching is not the equivalent of therapy or mental health services, it is not reimbursable through insurance policies. Therefore, clients must self-pay. Prior to the beginning of each session, we expect for clients to pay the total fee charged for services. We offer payment plans for those on fixed income. We do not accept personal checks.