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Foot Health Specialist

I specialise in improving foot mechanics from the inside, because if your feet are stronger, more stable and more flexible they will work better for you.

Nicola Beard - Foot Health Specialist - foot pain solutions that really work

Hi I'm Nikki

I help runners, walkers and jeffers to improve the function of their feet, to overcome pain, prevent injury and improve their performance.

I have a long history of foot pain, starting in the 1980's with a gymnastics injury. I have had plantar fasciitis on and off during my fitness career. I ended up in a plaster cast and on crutches with suspected broken foot - however, it turns out I have extra bones in my feet and I developed a painful condition known as accessory navicular syndrome when the bone and/or posterior tibial tendon are aggravated.

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So you can see I understand the misery foot pain causes & how it effects the rest of the body, as it tries to compensate by adapting your walking gait (limping) potentially creating additional discomfort and imbalance.

I am based in Gloucester and run my clinic in Barnwood, from Spirit Health Club.

Pilates for Running

Pilates for Running 6 Week course starts on Wednesday 27th April 2022

7.00 - 8.30pm

Spirit Health Club

Crest Way




I’m not sure I’ll have enough space! But, WOW!!! I’ve had many reflexology and massage treatments over the years but none as prescriptive and personal as the treatments today from Nikki. I have never had such a thorough consultation (maybe I had a big list of issues πŸ˜‚) with genuine care and wanting to really know what my concerns were.

This was not just a reflexology/massage appointment this was a total whole body MOT and exactly what I needed but never imagined I would ever get it.

I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough her knowledge goes way way beyond the service you have booked for.

You are most definitely in magic hands with an amazing therapist who really wants to help you feel better. I’m absolutely going to make this a regular monthly self care priority.

Thank you so much Nikki. Xx

β€” Claire S - Reflexology & Massage Combo

What people are saying

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Very thorough assessment and treatment, mobility much improved post treatment and tightness relieved

β€” Eleanor M - Sports Massage

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Fantastic treatment. Very relaxing and helped me to immediately ease the pain I had. Can’t recommend this highly enough 😊

β€” J Boucher - Reflexology

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Very relaxing reflexology session with Nikki, I felt so much better afterwards. I will definitely be booking a follow up session.

β€” Chris B - Reflexology

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Nikki was very friendly & knowledgeable. She understood what my needs were & tailored my sports massage. I definitely recommend Nikki :)

β€” Louise H - Sports Massage

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Such a intuitive massage. Nicola really knows where you need treating without you even saying a word!

β€” Helen W - Sports Massage

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A great massage session thank you. It has released some tight muscles and I have been given exercises to stretch and strengthen the appropriate areas.

β€” Ian R - Sports Massage

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Lovely massage concentrating on my neck and shoulders. Left feeling amazing and taller, as I was able to stand up straighter. Also able to move my neck freely

β€” J Mills - Sports Massage

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Had a very successful massage with Nikki yesterday in her warm room. (Fluffy throw if needed) She worked on my shoulders. I’m beginning to feel the benefits having booked a couple of times. I definitely have more movement and also a less gravelly neck. Came away feeling relaxed. Thank you.!!

β€” Gillian R - Sports Massage

Lower back & leg massage for back pain and leg tightness

A very enjoyable experience - Nikki identified a number of tight points and succeeded in releasing them all - also, I was really relaxed for the rest of the day.

I did a gentle 5km run this morning, and my legs and lower back felt good. What impressed me most? The way Nikki explains clearly which muscles are tight, the effect this has on other parts of the body, and how the treatment she's providing should (and does!) assist with reducing tightness, reducing any pain or discomfort, and increasing the range of mobility. I've booked in for another session already.

I would definitely recommend going to Nikki for a massage, whether or not you are a sportsperson.

β€” Paul Turner - Team GB Duathlete - Sports Massage