Illicit Thoughts

"In the beginning was nature. The background from which and against our ideas of God were formed, nature remains the supreme moral problem. We cannot hope to understand sex and gender until we clarify our attitude toward nature. Sex is a subset to nature. Sex is the natural in man." Sexual Personae. Camille Paglia

I am a writer who explores sexuality, lust and erotica. I am interested in archetipical sexual personaes, as well as sexual actions performed by them with each other or even forming 'sexual institutions'. Persona stands for 'mask', which in turn is ... a possibility of the being, a possibility in sexual situations - conscious or unconscious; implicit or explicit - .

I also like to say that a sexual persona is a concrete level in sexual energy (as quantum mechanics). Every individual or collective may be in a given sexual energy that defines what persona, what existential possibility is standing in that moment. Of course, things are more complicated than this. I am a beginner, an amateur, not pretending to exhaust this theme. For more information I recommend to read my blog and my Twitter @gstv_klmt