Jeff Walker Books

Jeff Walker - Author - Ontario, CANADA

The Mysterious World Of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow Book #0:
• Story #1- Into The Shadow of Dark
• Story #2 - Haunted House of Henry Street
• Story #3 - Darkk Of The Moon

Outer Red - Part 1: Off The Given Path

Outer Red - Part 2: The Three Little Peggs

Distant Saga Trilogy: A Short Story Collection (No Longer Availble)

The Long Lost War

All books are available as an EPUB, DOC. DOCX, RTF, PDF, MOBI and availble as an Audiobook @

Bio: Jeff Walker never started out as a writer. He was working to be a comic book creator/artist, but life directed him to different paths and soon found himself focusing more on the writing side. Fan fiction allowed him to build up his craft, tell interesting stories and set a path for him to create his own unique characters. He lives with his wife and two children...paying bills and trying to buiild his career path as an author.