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Printed Out All Of My Equestrian Journals

Originally I only printed a couple of my journals out.

The product photos I have used in listings were PDF digital images not an image of the page actually printed out.

This is what most people do when they sell digital products, which is fine if it accurately depicts what it should look like.

However I wanted to be more helpful and provide more realistic images of what to expect.

So I decided to print out all 8 of my 60 something to 80 something page equestrian journals.

This way you can see how the formatting looks on letter paper and you can see what the color looks like in real life or at least a better idea.

Keep in mind, different settings on your computer and different printers can cause the coloration to look a little different. But black usually still looks like black.

So I have finished printing all the pages. I have hole punched and put the pages into individual binders.

I took photos on the porch outside, of the cover and random pages I turned to.

I also took a video of each journal leafing through every page. Which I just want to mention was a pain in the butt.

The pages kept sticking together and my fingers were dry and sliding on the page as I tried to get some traction. I had to constantly lick my fingers to turn the pages... ick! I tried using water but it was making the pages too wet.

Anyway any pauses in the video is just me struggling to turn the page. Oh and sometimes it was a bit windy while I tried to film these. But guys... I got it done.

Now I am going to work on getting the photos and videos uploaded. I am going to edit the videos so they are sped up a little bit.

I hope this helps you get a better idea of what these journals are like and also helps you figure out which journal is for you.

I will do my best to get these done and out there as quickly as I can with the short amount of time I have each day.

Wishing you all happy riding and hanging with the horseys.