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My Equestrian Journey

I started riding in 1998 and have since explored disciplines such as Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Eventing, Western Pleasure, and Reining. My favorite is Eventing, but I also enjoy relaxing trail rides.

  • Working as a resident student: My time at Bascule Farm in Maryland taught me hard work, perseverance, and the value of organization.
  • Equine Industries Degree: I graduated from college, gaining valuable knowledge about the industry.
  • Licensed and certified riding instructor: My passion for teaching others led me to become a professional instructor.
  • Horse boarding and lesson business: I gained hands-on experience managing my own business and working with a variety of horses and clients.

Overcoming Challenges

As someone with ADHD, I understand the challenges of staying focused and remembering important details.

That's why I created our printable journals - to help equestrians like myself stay organized, get the most out of their riding experiences, and keep track of their horse's care.

Our Current Journal Types

Riding Lesson Journal: Helps riders get the most out of their lessons.

Ride on Your Own Journal: Allows riders to evaluate their riding, see their progress, and much more.

Horse Owner Journal: Helps horse owners keep track of their horse's care and provide the best possible care.

What people are saying

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Absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to print it out for myself to keep track of my riding a bit better Very clear and easy to follow!

— Abigail

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Super nice PDF file to keep track of my horses' records. Had everything I needed and more - would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to keep accurate records for their horses. Only thing I'd add is that I'd love to see this in a few more colors/patterns.

— Erin

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This is an awesome journal and is helping me tremendously with my riding

— liana

Future Plans For The Shop

I plan to expand our offerings to include other helpful products.

Some possible future products:

  • More helpful printables
  • More kinds of equestrian journals
  • More designs of current journals
  • Budgeting excel sheets
  • Training and riding on your own plans
  • Audio riding lessons
  • Courses on various horse topics