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Introducing the Ultimate Horse Riding Journals

Discover the Joyful Horse Riding Journals, inspired by real-life riding lessons and training to enhance your riding experience across all disciplines.

These versatile and reflective journals help you track your progress and analyze your rides, making them perfect for riders at any level, particularly those riding on their own.

Join the Joyful Equestrian community today and elevate your riding journey with these engaging and insightful journals! 🌟

What riders are saying about these journals:

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"Absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to print it out for myself to keep track of my riding a bit better. Very clear and easy to follow!"

Abigail G

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"I honestly love this pack! So handy for keeping records & answers any questions someone might have!"

Lia F

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"This worked well for my lesson students."


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"This journal is AWESOME. The prompts are exactly what I was looking for to help me track my rides and my progress. They make me think and analyze my ride in a whole new way. Definitely recommend this for the advanced rider looking to better themselves."

liana c

Light Blue | JE Horse Riding Journal


Minimalist | JE Horse Riding Journal