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Introducing our Riding Lesson Journals Collection

The perfect companion for every equestrian student.

These thoughtfully designed journals come in various styles, with pages to track your riding progress, goals, and lesson expenses.

With these journals, you'll be able to better absorb what you learn in lessons, break down your goals into manageable steps, and celebrate your milestones.

Whether you own, lease, or take weekly riding lessons, our Riding Lesson Journals will help you feel inspired, motivated, and more in control of your equestrian journey.

Transform your riding experience and get the most out of your lessons with these comprehensive and personalized journals!

What people are saying

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This is an awesome journal and is helping me tremendously with my riding

liana c

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Love this. Super easy to use.


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Pages were beautifully designed and just what I was looking for!

Courtney E

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This is really cool. Definitely hits everything. Will probably look at the horse managing/health one next!


Pink-Purple-Blue | My Happy Riding Lesson Journal


Minimalist | Joyful Equestrian Riding Lesson Journal