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Romance and Mystery: Two Sides of the Same Town

Visit the small town of Amor, New Mexico where not everything is as it seems.

When you read the Borrowing Amor small town romance series, you will find yourself whisked away on hot air balloons for a second chance at love, or to White Sands National Park for a fake wedding.

Of course, what is love without some mystery? When you read the Maddie Swallows series, the main characters from Borrowing Amor become side characters to this psychologist-turned-sleuth, and you'll never know what to expect around each corner.

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What people are saying about Dead Before Dinner

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I loved this story - normally I can guess the who-done-it early on but this one had me going back and forth multiple times.


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In true Bellemore style, the characters tell the story. The dialogue is great! You’ll find yourself laughing and stunned in the same conversation.

— Tanya A.

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I liked this book so much I couldn’t read fast enough, and of course was very sorry that I hadn’t paced myself when I had finished it. I’ll be sure to reread it in time.

— Lavender J.

Kat Bellemore

Kat Bellemore is the author of the Borrowing Amor small-town romance series and the Maddie Swallows mystery series. Deciding to have New Mexico as the setting for both of these was an easy choice, considering its amazing sunsets, blue skies and tasty green chile. That, and she currently lives there with her husband and two cute kids. They hope to one day add a dog to the family, but for now, the native animals of the desert will have to do. Though, Kat wouldn't mind ridding the world of scorpions and centipedes. They're just mean.

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