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About Me

Finding balance through creative, intuitive, and body based work.

Who am I?

I’m a priestess-witch, mother, and doula. I’m a workshop facilitator and trainer; writer, artist, massage and song therapist from Colombia living and working in magical Pembrokeshire.

What do I do?

I design spaces for physical and spiritual wellbeing. These spaces include one to one tailored sessions, group work and online courses.

What sort of things can you book with me? 

Learning: Massage and therapeutic CPD trainings for individuals or companies.

  • Spiritual massage
  • Building intuition into your massage practice
  • Closing ceremony for women's wellbeing
  • Sound therapy for perinatal health (for doulas and parents to be)
  • Placenta and mochila crafting for womb and pregnancy health (for doulas and parents to be)

Healing - Massage, energy and sound therapy for:

  • Muscular pain or tension relief
  • Relaxation in general
  • IBS
  • Menstrual health
  • Pregnancy and postpartum support
  • Termination or miscarriage support
  • Womb health and re-connection after menopause or hysterectomies

Tarot and Soul Readings:

  • One to one
  • Group
  • Face to face or online

Support sessions for mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Face to face or online

I look forward to talking to you soon 🌸

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What people are saying

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I went to Laura for a long standing bad neck and migraines and after a couple of AMAZING massages she gently suggested that I might like to try sound therapy as well. I just had the most transformative sound massage session and released emotion, tension and sound. She is AWESOME. I recommend her to anyone for a gentle and intuitive therapeutic massage

— Anna S

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I love Laura's style -her approach is so fresh, professional, dynamic and deep in knowledge and support. She is extremely warm hearted, personable, full of wisdom and welcoming. I came for her powerful holistic voice therapy bus was gifted so many different modalities alongside this, quite spontaneously and intuitively. A rich, healing experience I highly recommend.

— Helen C

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I had a reading with Laura and she relayed a message from my body that came both as a shock as well as a confirmation of something I had known deep inside since the birth of my son. She as incredibly accurate, and the information she gave me came at a time where I was consciously trying to escape something, so it gave me the nudge I needed to look into it to integrate the experience. I was very impressed by her intuition and am grateful for the assistance she provided me

— Charlotte L