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How do I _____? (fill in blank with any knitting abbreviation, stitch, or technique)

If I didn't explain it in enough detail in the abbreviations section, or in the techniques or notes in the pattern (be sure to look through all the pages!), and it's not on my techniques tutorials page, then I recommend knittinghelp for tutorial videos. Or, for lots more knitting videos, you can search the stitch/technique name on youtube. If you don't learn well with videos, then a google search will usually bring up knitting stitch/technique how-to blog posts and webpages, with both written and photo tutorials.

Something is weird with my knitting, this isn't looking how it should, what am I doing wrong?

First, there's a good chance everything is fine, and it just will look weird for awhile before things start getting established. If the pattern includes process photos or diagrams, check those out and compare them to your work. (If you have a print version of the pattern, then you may find some extra process photos on the pattern's webpage here, which didn't fit in the print pattern.) If it looks like something is definitely wrong, re-read the part that you've worked carefully, line by line, as you may have missed a detail, or you may have done something that the pattern did not tell you to do. Un-knit or frog as needed to fix mistakes that you find. If you still can't find the problem, read the notes, as you may have missed a detail in there. If you still can't find the problem, take a photo of your work if possible, then email me at and explain in as much detail as possible what's wrong, and I'll help the best I can!

I see that a lot of your patterns are for any gauge — does that mean I'll have to do tons of math and figuring things out for myself?

(Usually) Nope! Most of my any-gauge patterns involve just measuring your knit sections to know when to stop and get a perfect fit/size; some involve a wee bit of very basic math. The most complicated math you'll ever have to do is multiplying or dividing numbers, a few clicks into your calculator (app). Some of the any-gauge patterns involve knitting a gauge swatch to use to figure out your cast-on number; many of them need no swatching at all, you'll just cast on a few stitches with any weight yarn and get started! Many patterns do have lots of custom options, so you'll need to make decisions about how exactly you want to make your object, but I'll walk you through how to make it and you'll get your perfect custom knit.

Your patterns look really complicated — what experience level should I be before I attempt them?

While many (most) of them use unusual techniques and/or construction methods, they aren't that hard! I like to say most of my patterns are "adventurous beginner" level, or intermediate. If you are willing to learn new techniques, you don't have to already know a ton going into the pattern, as you can learn as you go along. Some patterns are easier than others, and there are only a few which are truly beginner-friendly, but if you are open to trying out new things, and you are comfortable with the basics of knitting (you've already made a few beginner projects), then I recommend that you put on your adventure hat and brave any pattern you want to try! The tricky part is not to second guess the pattern; in many cases, you may feel like something seems wrong, but trust the pattern and you'll be fine!

What's your policy on licensing? I want to sell items made from your patterns at craft shows and/or in my etsy shop (etc) — is that okay?

This issue is not at all black and white, so basically, if you want to sell a couple items hand-made from my patterns at a craft show (or somewhere similar), because you enjoy knitting them and want to help offset your yarn cost (or to raise money for charity), that's okay with me, but please don't try to make a big profit off my designs by selling large quantities of the same ones. If you sell an item made from my pattern, please include my name (Lee Meredith) as the designer, on your tag. Please ask a price which pays you a fair wage and doesn't undervalue both your and my hard work. If you sell an item made from my pattern online (in an etsy shop or somewhere similar), the same applies (give me designer credit, etc). I'm not okay with you trying to make a full on business out of selling my designs... this is where it gets grey... so just be a good person about it, please :)

It's not okay to resell my actual patterns, or to copy them and give them to friends, etc. If you like them, please pay for them and encourage others to do so as well.

I (or my local yarn shop) want to teach a class (or host a knit-a-long) using one of your patterns — is that cool?

Yeah! I'm fine with you using my patterns for classes or knit-a-longs, as long as each person involved purchases the pattern for their own use, either through the shop (wholesale info here), or through me directly.