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About Lee Meredith

I'm Lee, a maker of things, doer of stuff! Designer of modern and innovative knitting patterns, specializing in any-gauge accessories and modular construction techniques.

I rarely design new knitting patterns nowadays, as my career has shifted to graphic design, but my knitting patterns all still exist, now with all sales being donated to mutual aid!

You can find all my patterns here on ravelry, if you'd like to.

I designed patterns (and did some teaching and other freelance stuff) full time starting in 2008, but that became unsustainable around 2015 and I went back to school to train for a new career, graduating in 2018. I now work a full-time job designing the books at Knit Picks (and I occasionally get to design knitting patterns over there!), which means everything I earn from sales of my self-published patterns is extra.

Since I don't need the sales to live on, but I would love for my patterns (which I put so much time and work and love into) to continue having a life and being knit, I now use them to raise funds for orgs/causes that I care about. Scroll down for more details about sales donations!

About patterns by Lee Meredith

  • Many of them are for any gauge
  • Many include step-by-step photos for techniques and/or construction
  • They are usually easier to make than you might think
  • Sometimes you'll need to just follow the steps and trust that it will work out
  • Many have lots of options to choose from
  • There are rarely seams to sew or stitches to pick up
  • If you need any help with a pattern, check out the faq page or ask in the ravelry group, where you can get answers from Lee or other knitters

What knitters have to say

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As always, Lee's pattern was expertly written, easy to follow & fun as hell.

— Ady Bee in Massachusetts (about Custom Tritops hat)

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This design bent my mind in crazy new ways. It was magic to knit.

— Lacey in Georgia (about Gentle on My Mind bonnet/hood)

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I love these! The pattern is straightforward but absorbing, never difficult but never boring, either.

— grognon in Canada (about Twist on a Classic mitts)

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Wonderful pattern, really easy to follow and make sense of, you just need to trust the instructions!

— Christine in England (about Parallel Lines cowl)

Artboard 1

Well written pattern. ... LOVE! I love how this is constructed!

— Judy in Florida (about Triyang shawl)

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This is such a great pattern and a true stash buster, I will be making this one again.

— Debbie in Maine (about Slanted & Enchanted scarf)

Artboard 1

Another cleverly designed pattern by Lee Meredith (my third to-date - that's certainly more from any single designer than I've ever made before.) I love that I always learn something new from her designs.

— Adrienne in Oregon (about Wobble Bass hat)

Artboard 1

This knit up so quickly and I absolutely LOVE it. It's unlike anything else in my wardrobe, knit or otherwise.

— Crysta in Washington (about Color by Number Chevrons Cowl)

Artboard 1

After just a half hour of knitting, I can see that this pattern is going to be totally. addictive. :) What a fun and innovative pattern!

— Liz in Oregon (about Robin shawl)

Artboard 1

Can you tell how much I love her patterns? They're a godsend for people like me with a trunk full of half-skeins and partial balls of yarn.

— India in Texas (about Maurice cowl)

Artboard 1

Love Lee's patterns so much. Each time I knit one, I am amazed by how her brain must work.

— Kelly in Canada (about Junction shawl)

Artboard 1

seriously - this is one of the only patterns where I've hassled knitters and non-knitters alike to "look at this pattern. LOOK!" <3

— Kendal in Washington (about Either/Or mitts/mittens)

Donated Sales

Now (throughout 2021) 100% of sales are given to mutual aid folks/groups/orgs, or directly to people who need help, mostly locally here in Portland where I live. If you have a suggestion of who/what I should distribute some funds to, let me know! (This twitter thread gets into a bit more detail and shows some receipts.)

Before 2021, I was giving mostly to non-profits, a different one each month, and I was giving a smaller percentage at that time (usually 50% of sales). Here is a list of where sales were donated:

$200 to RAICES in Dec 2018

$125 to IRUSA in Jan 2019

$655 to BLM in Feb 2019 (100% given for birthday push)

$100 to Outside In in March 2019

$135 to UNICEF in April-May 2019

$65 to Sylvia Rivera Law Project in June 2019

$90 to KIND in July 2019

$70 to Evidence Action in Aug 2019

$135 to Unite Oregon in Sept 2019

$100 to End the Backlog in Oct 2019

$205 to Doctors without Borders in Nov 2019

$150 to EDF in Dec 2019

$70 to Oregon Food Bank in Jan 2020

$245 to SPLC in Feb 2020

$357 to OutRight Action in March 2020

$70 to UFW in April 2020

$90 to Hunger-Free Oregon in May 2020

$125 to NLG in June-July 2020

$180 to Mainspring in Aug-Sept 2020

$100 to Life After Hate in Oct 2020

$245 total to assorted mutual aids in Nov 2020

$250 total to assorted mutual aids in Dec 2020

For more info, see the FAQ page



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