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Adventure Knitting 2: The Mysterious Trunk


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drawing of person wearing hat and face mask with medium-length wavy hair and floppy turtleneck with dotted lines, and glasses; background is light aqua and drawing is in green

Patterns by Lee Meredith

As a lifelong fan of games, puzzles, and art, I bring my point of view to my knit designs, often using unusual constructions, and/or giving the knitter fun options to choose from, and always trying to bring new things into the knitting world and onto your needles!

I designed patterns as my main job from 2008 through 2016 then I switched to graphic design so there aren't many new patterns these days. The new things I do design are on which is where I graphic design the books.

Since this isn't my job anymore, all knitting pattern sales are donated—for 2021, I will be donating 100% of knitting pattern sales to mutual aids and other people/orgs doing good in the world. See this twitter thread for updates/details.

Find more patterns (let me know if there's one you want to be added here!) + tutorials at