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stripy hat with diagonal construction, made custom fit in any gauge with different color and style options—work at any gauge (no swatch necessary)

This is part of the Short Stripes Trio: each individual pattern is $6 or the set of all three is $12.

  • use any weight yarn to make any sized hat
  • make buttoning or seamed closed
  • standard hat is slouchy; modifications included for non-slouchy
  • all garter stitch variation included
  • use the same main/contrasting colors throughout or change colors
  • short rows join all sections modularly with no picked up stitches

You'll Need
  • your choice of yarn in any weight, in 2 or more colors - estimates are for standard adult size hats. bulky: 80-120 yards / 70-110 meters total; worsted: 100-150 yards / 90-140 meters total; sport: 180-230 yards / 165-210 meters total; fingering: 200-260 yards / 180-240 meters total (blocking is important, so wool or other animal fibers are recommended)
  • needles sized to match yarn — a long circular (24 inches / 60 cm or longer) is recommended
  • 4 stitch markers (3 the same color/type, 1 different)
  • for buttoning version: buttons (amount and size needed will vary depending on gauge)
The 8 page pattern includes lots of photos, to show the different versions, style options, etc, plus process photos to show the unique construction, and technique tutorials.

This pattern is for any gauge, any weight yarn. Use needles sized to work well with your yarn; no need to make a gauge swatch before starting. If you’d like an extra drapey fabric to give your slouchy hat extra slouch, you may want to use a needle size larger than the standard; for a warmer hat, use a size smaller.

While any weight (fingering to bulky) will work nicely with the standard version, the garter stitch variation will turn out best with weights finer than worsted. This is because of the slouchy shape - if you’d like to use a chunky yarn in all garter stitch, it should turn out well with the make it shorter mods for a fitted style.

You’ll make your size by choosing when to stop section 1 — this section is worked sideways, so when you stop, you’ll have the complete bottom edge of your hat. If knitting for yourself, sizing is easy, as you can just try it on around your head and know when you have the perfect fit. If gift knitting, either use your own head as a guideline, or measure the bottom edge and use the measurements given in the pattern for standard adult small{medium, large} sizes.

The whole pattern is written for MC (main color) and CC (contrasting color) — MC is always the stockinette stitch background, CC is always the stripes.

You can choose to use the same MC and CC yarns throughout the entire pattern (like the yellow sample), or you can switch labels for which is which when you start section 2. In the red and blue-grey hat, blue was called MC in the first section, red CC, and then when beginning section 2, the names were flipped and red became MC, blue CC, for the remainder of the hat.

You can also use more than two colors if you’d like, changing to completely different yarns when beginning section 2, or just changing MC or CC and keeping the other the same. The only thing recommended is that you use the same MC yarn for section 2 and section 3 (crown). You can even change CC yarns all throughout the hat (mid-section) whenever you want to, to bust through some leftover scraps!
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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