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Adventure Knitting 2: The Mysterious Trunk

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choose between 6 different knit shapes and 24 different stitch pattern options!

  • make different kinds of shawls, cowls, scarves, or dishcloths, a top, and more
  • use any yarn weight for any of the shapes
  • all items are custom sized as you like
  • mix and match any of the stitch patterns within all shapes
  • use a solid color throughout, with optional contrasting colors
  • all 24 stitch patterns are both written and charted
  • use fortune telling items to pick stitch patterns in a random order

  • pdf includes a complete ebook plus a DIY foldable, bindable, covered print book
  • 4 different kinds of printable fortune telling items are included

Choose each element of your mysterious trunk knitting adventure — make different kinds of shawls, cowls, scarves, dishcloths, kerchiefs, or go wild and make a bigger item like a top or a blanket, all in custom sizes, and any weight yarn (no gauge swatch needed).

Pick the patterns you like best, or choose randomly by using the fortune telling items: a symbol-filled board, a customizable fortune teller, a deck of divination cards, and a numerology sheet. For this knitting adventure, you’ll not only discover pages full of patterns, but also (printable) items which can help you choose your knit elements at random… or which can help the spirits guide your choices!

The pdf includes a complete ebook plus a DIY foldable, bindable, covered print book! The ebook and print book are fully illustrated with drawings throughout, and process photos are included for the different shape patterns.

There are written book-making tutorials included in the pdf; there is also a video from the first Adventure Knitting book with a full tutorial for folding and binding the book; that book had fewer pages, but it’s made using the same techniques.

Here is a fun little video to accompany the Mysterious Trunk story.

Notes about materials and skills:
  • all items/shapes can be made in any weight yarn
  • yardage needed will depend on your yarn weight, item choice, and desired size - most items will need 2-3 skeins of yarn
  • for most items, your yarn's recommended needle size/gauge should be good, but if you're making an item that you want to be extra loose/drapey, use a needle a couple sizes larger than the recommended size
  • all shapes/items are knit flat, using increases/decreases for shaping
  • some items/shapes are more complex than others, and same with the stitch patterns, so difficulty ranges adventurous beginner to experienced intermediate
You will get a PDF (9MB) file

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