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12 little patterns that use no more than 20 yards of yarn each, great for learning knitting techniques on a small scale, instant gratification crafting, and using up leftover yarn scraps!

Patterns included:

Pen Tube Bookmark
uses 12-15 yards of around worsted weight yarn
holds a pen/highlighter while marking your place in a book or notebook

Garter Strip Light-switch Cover
uses 15 yards of worsted weight yarn
fits a standard light switch plate - attach with glue

Guitar Pick Keyring Pouch
uses 12-20 yards of DK weight yarn, or easily modified for other weights
i-cord loop and button closure

Luggage Tag Pouch
uses 15 yards of fingering weight yarn
knit-only or crochet edged versions

Old Timey Moustache
uses 15 yards of worsted weight yarn
fastens behind ears or onto glasses

Superhero Mask
uses 10 yards of bulky weight yarn
ties around head or fastens onto glasses

Winter Leaves
15 yards of DK weight yarn makes 3 leaves and pom poms
can be turned into a necklace or used for other decorative purposes

Blooming Flowers
15 yards of fingering weight yarn make 6-7 flowers
3 different flower shape patterns

Lapel Flower
uses 7-8 yards of worsted weight yarn per flower
meant to switch between 3 colors

Drink Sweaters
uses 15-20 yards of worsted weight yarn per sweater
2 wine glass varieties and 1 beer bottle sweater

Picnic Wrapper
uses 15-30 yards of any weight yarn
will wrap up as little as a fork, or a whole bundle of napkins and flatware for a full picnic set

uses 20-25 yards of worsted weight yarn, or a different weight for a different size
HP Lovecraft inspired pin cushion demon
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

Adventure Knitting 1: A Day in the Woods


Remixed: Making Recycled Yarns


Adventure Knitting 3: A Trip to the Zoo


Adventure Knitting 2: The Mysterious Trunk


Coloring Book


Ten 10 Yard Cuffs


Game Knitting


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