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Remixed: Making Recycled Yarns

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learn how to deconstruct and unravel sweaters, then use your new yarns in different ways

This is part of the Remixed collection, which includes this ebook plus eight other versatile accessory patterns which are great for using any kind of yarn!

The Remixed Collection includes this ebook plus eight individual patterns, all of which are very versatile, any-gauge patterns, perfect for using recycled yarns (or ANY yarns)!

  • how to make and use recycled yarns
  • what to look for in sweaters to recycle
  • combine, add to, and customize your yarns
  • includes yarn-related techniques like splicing
  • spin and ply recycled yarns
  • make self-striping recycled yarns
  • ebook is 43 pages, with over 200 detailed photos
  • includes the Rejuvenation hat pattern

ebook table of contents:
  • page 3: About Recycled Yarns
  • pages 4-7: Picking Your Materials (choosing a sweater that will work to make yarn you'll like)
  • pages 8-14: Recycled Yarn Making Basics (deconstructing, unraveling, finding yardage)
  • pages 15-20: More Complex Sweaters (with cardigan and colorwork examples)
  • pages 21-28: Working with Recycled Yarns (finding weight, splicing, using multiple yarns, adding to yarns)
  • pages 29-36: Spinning/Plying (making spun yarns with and without color changes, art yarns, chain plying)
  • pages 37-38: Partial Unraveling (making accessories from parts of recycled sweaters)
  • pages 39-41: Rejuvenation Pattern (also included in a separate pdf for easy accessibility)
  • pages 42-43: Extra Notes & Links

Note: there is plenty you can do with your recycled yarns without spinning, so don't worry if you don't have a spinning wheel!

This ebook is a compilation of techniques and tips learned from years of personal experience making yarns; it was professionally edited for top quality.
You will get a PDF (6MB) file

Customer Reviews

Robynn W

2 years ago

Useful and inspiring

Very nice booklet, well presented with a lot of practical tips and creative ideas.