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Pawsitively Suspicious Audiobook


Pawsitively Poisonous Ebook


Pawsitively Poisonous Audiobook


Pawsitively Cursed Ebook


Pawsitively Cursed Audiobook


Pawsitively Secretive Ebook


Pawsitively Secretive Audiobook


Pawsitively Swindled Ebook


Pawsitively Swindled Audiobook


Pawsitively Betrayed Ebook


Pawsitively Betrayed Audiobook


Witch of Edgehill Box Set 1-3 Ebooks


Witch of Edgehill Box Set Audiobooks


Witch of Edgehill Ebook Collection 1-5


Witch of Edgehill Audiobook Collection 1-5


About Me

Melissa lives in Northern California with her boyfriend and way too many pets. She divides her time between operating a dog walking business and writing. She (mostly) writes paranormal mysteries. Some of them are very cute and some of them are very creepy.