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I love NHL! Feather's Retreat Week 1 - 10 My Testimony:

This Retreat has helped me in many ways. It has taught me to look at things differently Now, It literally changed my mindset., to where I'm able to let things go, that I can not change, or hold on to for my own Sanity. On weeks 9 and 10 I was able to release an EX, that lived in my mind space and what he did to me, I sent him a text and said, I'm letting this go for me !!! It felt wonderful. And for me to do that, I blew my own mind, I never thought I would see that day. I handle things differently now that comes towards me. I'm so much happier in my Life now. But Boy weeks 9 and 10 were so powerful! A lot of soul searching. I am a better person, mother, Nene, friend, and Life in general.

I want to Thank you Feather from the bottom of my heart. I can say with Pride and Love...

'I GOT 'FEATHERED' Love you!

— Smooth 'AKA' Bridget

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Amazing Health & Wellness Coach, Twin Flame Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Psychic and Intuitive Tarot Reader! I absolutely love Feather's approach to coaching of any kind. She's been a breath of fresh air in my life and catering to my many questions. You Go Girl!

— Ada T.

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It was pure luck or Universal orchestration that I first found Feather's channel on YouTube. I began watching her videos in March 2020 at the beginning of a very tumultuous and stressful time for me personally and globally. Her readings and spiritual guidance have helped tremendously in my healing process and my experience during the pandemic would have been a lot different and much less optimistic If I hadn't watched her videos. She uses and interprets tarot cards but sometimes I feel like she doesn't always need them because she channels an abundance of helpful advice straight from Spirit. She's a positive force and very grounded and down to earth, which is not always common in the NewnAge and Spiritual communities. Feather has helped me with the most important task, of loving and believing in myself.

— Char M.

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My girl! Fantastic heart! Love this woman!

— Sherry Moon

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Aquarian woman has been your greatest ally since day one. Straight shooter & no frills is what I admire about your readings. My life is richer & at peace from your intuitive readings, Namaste.

— Madeline R.

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Namaste. Astonishing intuitive beingness and most funtabulous reader.

— Robin P.

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My friend & I had the most fantastic readings today! Feather was spot on with everything! We asked many questions & they were all answered! I have never had a tarot reading before this & I must say, now I am completely hooked! I* highly recommend getting a reading or tuning into her YouTube channel! She is very insightful & professional! I GIVE YOU 10 STARS! Thank you so much for your honesty & clarity on so many personal questions! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest now bcoz of you! I will forever be grateful!

— Shena P.