Nikola Howard

I’m Nikola Howard, a polymath that has the superpower of “connecting the dots”. I’m a personal development coach, creative entrepreneur and mentor with a background in technology. I firmly believe that to be a fully realised and peaceful human, one needs to take care of both body and mind. The Mind: Slow down, enjoy the moments in life and knit everything you know as “self” together, rather than trying to keep all the various bits of “self” in boxes. Write and create more. Grow things. Live in the now. The body: I don’t follow conventional wisdom on “healthy exercise and eating”, instead I’m generally “primal” – eat lots of animal food and leafy plant foods, move often at a slow-ish pace with occasional high intensity. Once I took a far more Mindful approach to life. I really started enjoying it, rather than just “surviving “the daily grind”. I want to help you with this as well.