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Arrow of Artemis Shawl(ette)


Kokomo Shawl


Visual Aura Cowl


The Fittest Stitch Headband


Stripe Me Down Tie Me Up Tank


Christmas Tree-t Cowl


About Me

Well my full name is Patricia (where the PH comes from), but only my family uses it. I'm also known as Dr. Hernacki when I'm working my day job as an Optometrist. I design knitwear in my spare time. When working from my patterns, you'll always see clearly: I include "20/20 Vision" tips and notes to make your knitting experience unclouded and carefree. When I'm not knitting or designing you can find me enjoying my other passion, weightlifting. I find most of my design inspiration in all areas of my everyday life: from my patients, to my backyard, to my barbell!

Three Random Facts About Me:
  • I HATE french fries. Also mint is for toothpaste, NOT chocolate. Fight me.
  • I've lived in 5 different states: CA, KY, IN, WA, & MT.
  • I'm a HUGE sci-fi fan. Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, and Farscape are a few of my favorites.

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