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Raighes Factory

 Raighes Factory is a Sardinian-based independent music company owned, operated and curated by the awarded musician Roberto Diana.

A modern instrumental music label devoted to the original work of living musicians, the company’s primary focus is creativity in musical expression

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Piano Solo

Acoustic Guitar

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Michele Nobler Collection

Carlo Matti Collection

Fly (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Feeling Ligth (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Lonely Joy (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Sunset Dance (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Inner Voice (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Apparition of Light (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Mellow Tune (Piano Solo) by Hjördís


Mellow Flavor (Piano Solo) by Hjördís


Angel's Lullaby (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Waltz of the Angel (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Winter Rebirth (Piano Solo) by Maya Sand


Un Mare di Stelle (Piano Solo) by Michele Nobler


Together at the Helm (Piano Solo) by Michele Nobler


Soli Nella Notte (Piano Solo) by Michele Nobler


Sailing in Big Waves (Six hands Piano) Include Music Score and separate piano sheets by Michele Nobler


About Us

Sardinian Label and Boutique Studio.

Instrumental music specialists. 🎶

We work mostly with folk, world music, classical, neo-classical, ambient and new age.

Get in touch with us for any questions 🎶

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