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Ripples In The Pond - Level 1 Building Foundations Course

Ripples In The Pond - Level 1 Foundations Course

The Colours of Sparkle - RED


The Colours of Sparkle - Introduction to The Language of Colour


Keep an Eye On Their Eyes


3 Ways to Connect When Your Child Has Lost Their Sparkle


About Me

My name is Linda Fennessey and I help people bring the colour back into their lives.

For a long time I'd had the feeling that there was more to life than ‘this’. People had always come to me in the office to chat over things at lunchtime and left saying 'you know you should become a life coach...' so I did. I retrained completely. I'd also, in my downtime, been studying everything about colour and ancient wisdoms and I noticed that a lot of the things that had been said then were actually very relevant today. I've always been drawn, at a very early age to colours from the moment my dad brought me home my first plastic shapes to play with and now I could see exactly how to combine the hidden language of colour with my coaching to really help my clients gain deep insights. My business name, Rainbow Reflections Training, comes from how our colour choices really reflect the things that we need to be aware of to help us become more resilient. I’m quite spiritual personally but I'm not an ‘airy fairy’ type of person; I’ve spent the last 9 years or so developing a way to combine this with my coaching and NLP training to be able to deliver the workshops, and courses that can enable you in practical ways. It's what I offer here through this platform and sometimes in person.  Maybe one day I'll meet you online. With love and rainbows. Linda