Janet Menosky Smith - Reading & Dyslexia Tutor

For the past 6 years, I’ve worked privately, as a one-on-one tutor, helping students with dyslexia learn to read. I began working with students online 3 years ago. Then, due to a move 2 years ago, I completely shed my office and now work exclusively online.

My specific focus is teaching reading using the Orton-Gillingham  (O-G) based approach. I am certified at the Master’s Level in the Barton Reading and Spelling System.  I have also completed over 160 hours of training in the basic O-G methodology that included a 3 week practicum at the Reading Center in Rochester, MN. In addition, I have completed an additional 1 week of O-G training offered via Ron Yoshimoto’s Orton-Gillingham International.

This background allows me to provide information for both Barton tutors and other O-G practitioners on ways you can successfully apply your teaching techniques and lessons effectively in the online setting.