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15 Original Image Game Files for Jamboard (or Anything Else!)

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These 15 Original Game Image Files (.jpg or .png) are perfect for importing into Jamboard, Google Slides, OneNote or any other platform to be used for online game play. These generic games are ideal to use for online spelling and reading practice or for any other subject, to review concepts you have taught. For spelling: open a gameboard in Jamboard, add game tokens using shape tools or by importing image files, and start playing. Check out the video link here to learn how to import the games into Jamboard, make game pieces and use them anytime for any lesson: 

If you have purchased Online Games for Tutors or Games to Go, use the coupon code in either book to download these files for free!
Games included: Chicken vs. Egg board, Colorful Clouds board, Winner Chicken Dinner board, Color Me Happy board, Build a Face Race game, Two and Three Column Sorts, Prefix + Base + Suffix Word Addition, Base + Suffix Word Addition, Short Vowel Sort and game board, Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe, Bingo.
Important: These games come in the form of .jpg or .png image files. Make sure you download and save your game image files in a file on your computer where you will be able to re-access them when needed. It is strongly recommended that you do not try to download and save this on an alternate device like a phone or tablet. A replacement cannot be provided for lost downloaded files.
You will get the following files:
  • JPG (48KB)
  • PNG (1MB)
  • PNG (1MB)
  • PNG (33KB)
  • JPG (57KB)
  • JPG (33KB)
  • JPG (29KB)
  • JPG (45KB)
  • JPG (51KB)
  • JPG (273KB)
  • PNG (109KB)
  • PNG (272KB)
  • JPG (72KB)
  • JPG (27KB)
  • JPG (52KB)
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