Albert Taylor

In reality I am introverted, and just a bit too unsocial sometimes, though I do find a way around this particular obstacle when I have to.  Since I’m introverted, this description of myself won't be very long.  In general, I write sci-fi but just a bit different from everyone else. I really, really hate going with the grain, and I don't like having to read a book that takes me to the same exact ending as everyone else.  The result is apparent I think, and now I have a book that lets the reader decide, and me as well, which is a really extraordinary achievement.  Apart from that, I really don't like parties and I still don't do the social media thing too much. I do like gaming though, which helps me get out of what is called Reader’s Block.  I don’t like getting blocked, so I have to do some pretty hard gaming sometimes.   :)

Here’s what I like doing, in order of importance:


Writing Sci-Fi


Underwater Cave Exploration


Commenting on Quora

Computer Repair