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Here you will find all the digital sewing patterns for your DIY lingerie.

Moontide Period Pants Sewing Pattern DIGITAL


Barbary Bralette Sewing Pattern DIGITAL


Ivy Lace Knicker Sewing Pattern DIGITAL


Blossom Knicker Sewing Pattern DIGITAL


Honey Knicker Sewing Pattern DIGITAL


Willow Knicker Sewing Pattern DIGITAL


Penny Knicker Sewing pattern DIGITAL

Lingerie sewing patterns

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What people are saying

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Ivy Pattern -

What a fabulous pattern! It is such a comfortable design and fit and so pretty. I’ve made both the high and low waist and they’re both true to size.

— Noni

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Moontide Pattern -

Heavy with wings overnight - Yes!! I put them to the ultimate test and free bled in them overnight. Now I did the pyramid extra scraps of Zorb into the gusset for extra absorbency, (something I always do to pads), but I have never made it through the night without leaks and I did!!

— Moontide Pattern Tester

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Willow pattern -

This pattern & instructions were very easy to follow, my undies turned out so cute, they were really fast to sew up too! I'm excited to make more. I really love that this pattern uses non-strttch fabric for the center panel too, this means I have so many more design options now when I'm making my undies!! I really love this pattern❤❤❤

— C.