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Make a LIVING While Opting Out and Tuning In

How will people survive if they opt-out of employer coronavirus vaccine mandates? "Do so or else what?" How will they eat? How will they pay their bills? How will they survive? How will they make a living for themselves and their families?

Like a mother who dives in to remove a careless child out of the line of an oncoming moving vehicle, many people are taking a leap of faith. Is their faith in science, nature, GOD or some combination thereof?

When something seems like it's an imperative life saving measure, rarely do most people weigh the long term consequences. They MUST LIVE!

But some do consider the long term consequences. While some are placing their faith in the science, many others are quietly but consistently screaming out to GOD in continuous PRAYER. Help! You MUST save me! I am Your child! I TRUST YOU LORD. I know you LOVE me. Help me. Guide me. Provide for me. Then like a previously invisible ladder in an Indiana Jones movie, the way suddenly appears and many take that.

That may or may not be how it was for you, but for many that is how it was and is for them (with minor variations). Some are saying, I don't know what my choices are but any establishment telling me I don't have a choice is not the choice for me and/ or my family.

Then he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 4:6

It's a quizzical time. It's causing a riff between social groups, friends, and family.

Let me be clear. I respect your choice. I believe you should honor your conscience. But don't go against it because you are not sure you have a choice. You DO have a choice.

I believe this is a good place to share some interesting information worth knowing especially if you or someone you know has opted-out of the mandatory vaccination being imposed on millions of workers. A personal friend of mine who works for the State of New York, did "opt-out" of mandatory vaccination siting a conflict of religious interests but agreed to get tested each week to confirm his state of good health.

His employer sent he and others a list of "approved" places they could "choose from" to get their COVID19 test. He complied, set an appointment and went.

When he arrived, he was surprised to see the person who was to apply the test "insert a swab" into a liquid he later discovered was a "reagent". Instead of inserting the swab, the person simply handed him the swab and instructed him to insert it himself. What? I know.

My friend was caught off guard. However, he complied in "good faith" believing his employer and the "health official" had his best interest at heart.

However, he turned and asked why he was asked to personally insert the swab after it was doused with an unknown liquid formula. What was it?

He was told that it was a COVID19 reagent manufactured by Abbot Labs which (by the way) has already been flagged by the FDA. In other words, he was duped into "self-administering" a low does of some form of an unapproved coronavirus vaccine. Six days later, he developed a bronchitis like reaction and sniffles.

If he had not questioned the procedure, they would have continued administering the "reagent" every week without his consent until he reached in their minds "full vaccination" Just be aware especially if you are purchasing a home kit. Be sure it is an approved "non toxic" test. The one he had was not even to be inhaled intentionally or by accident. Ask a professional before taking a self-test to be sure it's safe.

Nothing wrong with a valid COVID test. But don't get duped into self-administering an unapproved vaccination against your will. We've also noticed that some of these people who opt out also get "mishandled" more often in travel such as delays etc awaiting approval of their valid COVID19 test results.

In addition, since the initial publication of this blog, the courts have demanded Pfizer release the results of their COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. The average efficacy rate for children 5-11 after 30 days was only 12%. Parents demanded more clarification and transparency before deciding whether or not to vaccinate their children ages 5-11 (thus far deemed less effective) and definitely before considering those below age 5 years of age.

Click here to read the Court ordered Pfizer Clinical Trials results. Please be sure to do your own due diligence to confirm the validity of each study. The "official clinical trials" are said to be completed in the year 2023 as they are still seeking "candidates" for testing.

Considering the potential long term side effects and efficacy results, parents must decide for themselves. Worth it?

Scientists admit results are not what expected and are even pushing for a third dose, as per a CNN report to increase efficacy. However, many parents are beginning to realize their children are the guinea pigs for these studies and are therefore opting-out until further results can prove safety over efficacy. One again, we simply believe in having all the facts so we and our readers can make an educated decision in the best interest of those they love.

By the way, studies have shown that a simple daily dose of Vitamin D actually goes a long way in preventing the corona virus (aka COVID19) infection. There's no major profits in it for big pharma so it doesn't get major press. Look it up for yourself.

As a matter of fact, look up everything before making these type of health with potential long term implications. Most of this information is freely available online.

Stop. Think. Don't react in fear. Discuss and decide as a family. Your future self will thank you.

Yes, a daily walk outside, getting some sunshine and fresh air provided freely by GOD just may be the cure we've all been seeking. If you are unable to go outside, just a good multi-vitamin supplement with Vitamin D for each family member including children will do. Studies have consistently shown that those most vulnerable to the corona virus are usually also vitamin D deficient. Can you imagine?

That's why "the experts" tell people to get fresh air. But they're not quite providing full disclosure are they?

Please note. I'm not a licensed doctor, but this isn't exactly rocket science either.

You won't hear this message in the media (unless you share this crazy blog post) as it doesn't cause mass hysteria, boost the economy by way of fear based purchases, nor does it profit big pharma which now funds so many political campaigns. But, hey, it's free knowledge for those who wish to partake of it.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

No matter what side you stand on the issue, stand your ground. We respect that. But don't impose it on others. And certainly don't go against your instincts/ better judgement.

Where are you placing your trust?

This is not just a question of ethics. It's also a question of trust. Again, where are you placing your trust?

Society is dealing with the long term implications of a coronavirus pandemic, climate change, school, hospital, and government vaccine mandates in some places, and the long term implications of science and pharmaceuticals that don't really have a proven success track record in this area as yet.

Some will continue to partake in potentially endless vaccine boosts on trust. Others will build their own natural immune systems and trust that by being healthy and even at times allowing the passage of the virus through their system to partake in the body's own natural immunity. Either way, people are putting their faith in something whether it be science, nature, or GOD.

Where you place your trust or faith is none of our business here. This blog writer simply shares her own story. I've seen the face of GOD.

I've seen the face of GOD.

This is the dawn of the Messianic Era. Certain things must happen for that to unfold. Ready or not. It is unfolding as we speak. Those who "survive" in this era will have taken more time to develop from the inside out.

I often tell people, it's like learning how to fly. You train daily by reading and studying the Living Word of God (Old Testament only/ Tenach) Listen to the Talmud (Hear the Word of God). It happened at Mt. Sinai and it's happening now. You have to read my book, My Love is One to understand why. Quiet your mind. Allay your fears. Pray. Meditate. Do it daily.

One day, in this lifetime for many, a sudden shift will occur (which has started). It's like a veil or curtain coming off a scaffolded building you never noticed that was actually under construction right before your very eyes (earth). And then you suddenly realize the only people that are un-phased by it are those who have been building their inner fuel... strengthening their souls' wings so to speak.

It's like they are living in the Garden of Eden right before your eyes. How did they know? Why were they prepared and not you? Who told them? What is it they knew that you didn't? Well, to be sure if you take this opportunity seriously. That won't be you on the other side of "Eden's Walls" watching the "lucky ones" living as though they hadn't a care in the world. Money comes to them like manna from heaven.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

Are thy really getting paid (rewarded) just for reading the Tenach (Old Testament)? Studying the Zohar, Midrash and Kabbalah? Listening to the Talmud (Oral Laws)? The short and long answer is YES. (Choose truth over religion and you won't go wrong. Trust me.)

It's like learning how to fly.

Do people go to work? Yes, but hardly and not hard at all. These people discovered their gifts, talents, purpose and simply do that. Those who have discovered their God given gifts, talents, purpose are communing with GOD. It's a natural flow for them. That is part of their daily meditation.

How do you know? It's more like play to them than work. Time seems to fly by. It's something they would do whether or not they were paid to do it. Pay them. It's their gift to the world. That includes teachers. care takers, artists, musicians, parenting, inventors (entrepreneurs) etc.

Overall, people study (includes prayerful work in one's gifts/talents) 3-8 hours a day. The "quiet time" the COVID19 mandate provided is a pause so to speak in a transitioning society. Working and Schooling from home is like a "divine primer" for the Messianic Era unfolding.

Work and School merge into One. People actually voluntarily (or not) study Torah and use their God given gifts and talents to intentionally serve others.

Choose any block of time that works best for you. Some days it may even be an hour here and thirty minutes there. But it should be focused and without distractions. Consistency matters.

You are literally filling your own soul like a gas tank. It should be should specifically include learning the Tenach. It trains your soul for the upcoming era. It's something others can not do for you. It's more powerful than any prescriptive drug or opiod without the inconvenient side effects. You will eventually start getting results.

Give it time. Most people are running on empty. And that becomes depression, poverty, anxiety etc. You will soon realize you are not doing your Creator a favor. It is specifically designed for your own edification (success, love, healing, prosperity etc.)

Prayer and Torah study feeds your spirit which knows how to heal your body, build your immune system and/or gives strength to endure beyond explanation. Psalm 91 is a wonderful prayer to read aloud daily.

In fact, reading a few chapters each day from the Book of Psalms (a.k.a.Tehillim) each day is a wonderful way to start. Read it from beginning to end. Five chapters each day for thirty days is a good way to start.Psalms is a perfect guide for teens too!

Repeat or go on to read the Book of Proverbs. See where your spirit guides you next.

It's like attending a private home school class. Study at your own pace. Ask questions. Write them down. The answers will come.

You'll eventually read the entire Old Testament. Your life will never be the same.

For you made the Eternal [your] refuge, the Most High your only home. No evil will come to you; plagues will be turned away at your door. Psalm 91:9-10 The Voice

Personally, I start studying about five in the morning. (usually 5-8am and 9pm to midnight for me with some minor variations from time to time). Some people study in the morning. Others at night. Still others in the afternoon. There should be people studying in different time zones at anytime in the world 24/7. Why? The LIVING GOD wants a place in the earth. That ENERGY actually ignites the REAL climate change.

The Creator of the Universe inhabits every place. But humans have a free will.

What they don't know is that if GOD isn't in it, whatever it is will eventually become corrupt (corrode) and die. If GOD isn't included in earth's planetary evolution by its inhabitants, the planet will burn to a crisp. How's that for an incentive?

t's actually happening as we speak. GOD is creating a New Earth. How it appears is up to us (humanity). Each of us is participating... mostly unconsciously. Watch all four parts of our documentary, My Love is one TELL THEM! for details.

Ironically, the planet currently stands a better chance of surviving humans. Nature automatically corrects itself. It's humans that have the problem. The majority (of people) at this writing are more invested in science than a spiritual relationship with the Divine Creator of all that is, has been, or will ever be. Not even billionaires can bypass this. That's their folly.

Will others do it (study) if you don't? Yes. But you will have to toil for very little pay/wealth/rewards in this next era.

People who choose to make studying and prayer a way of life and thus a living "work their gifts" but don't hustle as the way to share, deliver, and prosper, are shown to them. Most of them sell, and trade digitally worldwide. Others go to the marketplace once a week or a few times per week, but spiritual studies and family time are the bulk of their day. God can touch their finances and provide in a multitude of ways. It could be a wise investment or success with their work. But the Divine Creator brings the increase.

People need only return ten percent of the increase (tithe) back to GOD's work (Spiritual people and Centers that teach Tenach/Torah to anyone interested in learning without exception). Keep the ninety percent. It keeps them connected and mindful that GOD is at work when they are studying, working, praying, and resting.

Shabbat is sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. No one works or lights any fire during that 24 hour except the Shabbat candle at sundown.

The Living GOD (a.k.a Shekinah or LORD GOD of hosts) is the only fire (LIGHT) permitted during the Sabbath Day. People relax on the Sabbath day and spend quality time with friends and family.

Doing mitzvahs/chesed (acts of kindness) daily also highly recommended. It's like collecting compound interest and dividends. It will become the new and dare I say better "normal" for those who endure and soon thrive beyond the corona virus/COVID19 pandemic. It's a new era. And there is no "going back". Let your heart and conscience discern what I am saying and you too will see the truth and benefit greatly.

Sound like a fairy tale? It looks like that too. Some have already started but it will be clear to all soon.

I won't say I told you so. But you will remember I told you. If you found this blog post, it was by divine appointment,

If you want to learn more about what I learned during these divine visitations, read my book, My Love is One. Be sure to get on my subscriber list (by purchasing any product or donating via You will be notified when the Third and Final Edition of the book, My Love is One becomes available. It's very important.

You can also watch the documentary, My Love is one TELL THEM!. Part 1 Feeding Hungry Souls is posted here for you.

Watch Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the documentary on Vimeo. You should. Couldn't hurt.

Thank you for stopping by. May the LORD bless you and keep you. (Yes, this is real.)

w/ Love,

LeTicia Lee


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