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The Afterthought Sock


The Turtleneck Cowldana


Drawstring Crossbody Project Bag PDF Pattern


The LYS Cowldana PDF Pattern


About Me

Stitchology is a woman-owned, one human show! I learned to sew at the age of 6 from my mother, who learned from her mother. My sister and I have both been raised to be creative and encouraged to try as much as we can. 

Over the years I have always found myself drawn to creative, hands-on jobs.

I have continued my craft by expanding out into many areas of hand-skills; Knitting sewing, crochet, fiber spinning, painting, print-making, and wood working. 

 As a business owner, I have worn many hats, from production seamstress, to designer and product developer, to pattern designer and graphic artist. I love sharing my passion with others and I find great myself surrounded by makers who inspire me.