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T.L. Dyer

Hi all, thanks for visiting my bookstore.

While writing new fiction, I like to delve, discover and disrupt, and am particularly keen on exploring characters who set themselves apart from the norm or who stray down a different path. Taking my lead from the characters themselves, I trail behind scribbling notes and trying to keep up as they take me on a breathless, heart-thumping and thought-provoking journey, with no knowing where I might end up.

Besides being a writer, I'm also an editor and proofreader of fiction for my contemporaries, and of course - naturally - an avid reader too. I've been reading anything and everything for a good, let's say, forty-plus years; and it's this diversity of reading interests that leads me to write in whatever genre the characters and their stories insist on.

When society dictates I live in the real world rather than make-believe versions of it, I reside in South Wales, UK, with my husband, two sons and eternally bedraggled Yorkshire Terrier.

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