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Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer


Set in Paris


Hotel Déjà Vu


About Me

Author Christine Betts' imprint TimeStepPress, and long-time internet handle, WriterPainter, combine two great loves; books and art. Christine believes that everyone is creative, and it is through our act of creating, of making, that we 'find' our purpose and meaning in life.

Debut novel Hotel Déjà vu (TimeStepPress, 2018) combines her passion for Paris with her interest (obsession?) for artists, writers, and their lives. Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer (coming soon) continues the theme.

An enthusiastic traveller, Christine has written many short stories and novellas set in Paris, and two works-in-progress set in California and England. She is passionate about writing strong female characters, yoga, animal rights, and her family.

When she is not writing or publishing, Christine can be found beside a pool with book and/or a cocktail. She is a work in progress.

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