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About Me

​Heather from True North Spirit Medicine is an experienced and accurate Clairvoyant, Medium, Angel Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Teacher/ Healer. She can also talk to your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, animals, the Angelics, and other members of your 'invisible team'.

Heather can access your multi-dimensional messages and clear blocked energies. When Heather does readings & healings, she channels. This means that she listens to your 'back-stage crew' and tells you what they tell her. People say that what falls out of her mouth is accurate. Hehe... ; )

Listen to the meditations to clear and balance your own chakra system/ energy centres, or connect with members of your own Spiritual team.

Get in touch for a private reading or Reiki healing. Tune in on YouTube for Monthly Energy Readings.