Vision Music Label

Vision Music Label provides music resources to empower music creators around the world to independently publish, distribute, and promote their music.

These resources include ebooks, free online stores, free list building products, and more.


Music Publishing: How To Get Your Music Into 150+ Stores Worldwide.
Get my music publishing book here

- Music distribution service 1 

   -   $19.95 per year.
   -   $5.00 off year 1
   -   worldwide distribution 
   -   very reliable
   -   easy to use.
   -   US-based company.
   -   keep all of your rights and royalties.
   -  get access to major platforms and stores including TIkTok and YouTube Content ID. 
NB: YouTube Content ID is a paid add on.
       Register here

Music Distribution Service 2

 - $19.95 per year.
 - worldwide distribution 
 - very reliable
 - easy to use.
 - UK  based company.
-  keep all of your rights and royalties.
- get access to major platforms and stores including VEVO.
NB: VEVO is a paid add on.
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Start A Record Label

Start A Record Label is an ebook that shares general information about the record label industry and how to get started. However, I then share two premium resources to get you started as an independent record label executive.

One of these is an all-inclusive package with all of the resources to get your independent record label up and running in quick time. This is the first resource of its kind in the music industry.
Get Start A Record Label here

Free Online Store

Go to this link to get your FREE online store 
Use it to promote and sell your music, merch, and other products.
Pay  a fee when you make sales/
I promise you that you won't regret it.
Get your free online store here

Free T-Shirt store

Get a free T-Shirt store for your merchandise.
It will be branded with your company name.
Comes with dozens of free, customizable templates.
Pay once a year for the website domain name.
You may need to invest to market the store. 
Free coaching is provided.
Add an additional income stream to your financial repertoire.
Get your free t-shirt store here

Build a list of loyal fans for free

I'm giving you this no-cost list building resource
Register on the system.
Browse your website.
Add a link to your business.
Give away the product using your affiliate URL.
It's very easy to use.
Get your no-cost list building system here

FREE website visits
Easy to use system
Get free visits to your music website or videos.
Go to this website
Log in, go to add websites.
Add 3 websites for FREE.
Download and install the viewer.
Run it daily to get free hits.
I use this all of the time and it is safe. 
Get free website visits here

Start an online business

Free coaching and products provided
Register at this link.

Get your music played on the radio  - coming soon

Low cost plays on the radio to help you to get heard and to earn royalties for your music.
Maintain a monthly subscription to earn a steady income.

Music Copyrighting -  coming soon

Music copyright is time-stamped evidence that you have created a musical work.
You can now copyright your music for cheap and with no delay.
A certificate will be provided instantly.


We give great bonuses with the purchase of all of our products. These will be included in the purchase package AND/OR included in the thank you email after purchase.

Bonuses include

- Free, custom websites ready to help you make money online. 
- Free ebooks and relevant software.
- ,,, and more!