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hello! im weeeby! ive been creating 3D models since late 2021 and assets mid 2022! what started as a small hobby quickly became my passion. 

How did I get into VRChat creations?

originally, i was in school for neuroscience for 3 years, the nationwide shutdown due to covid complicated many things. online classes are difficult for me. I switched majors to mortuary science! mortuary science is the involvement in funeral service, embalming, cosmetic restoration, cremation, etc. in my third semester here, I started learning 3D creation for VRChat after I would get assignments done. it was horrible of me but it became the only thing I thought about and school was put on hold for various reasons when this semester ended. i dedicated many hours to learning avatar and small asset creations. now it has become practically my full time gig!

it is difficult for me to settle with one design or theme, which if you could not tell by my work already, my style is ever-so changing. i hope to bring styles for all that cross my page!

i wish for those that take interest in my work to enjoy the dedication i put into my work, i am always learning new things!

a reminder, i am only human, my dedication has brung me to provide income from my work and my side job in real life

please be fair and obtain my work legally through purhasing, gifting, or giveaways in this only server and/or

i understand new people to the community are unknowing of the process, everybody deserves a chance to correct and learn

i am an understanding person and very open!

thank you for supporting me!

For business inquiries, contact

Apr., 5, 2023