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AlterQuest - Shape the Future


The AlterQuest Blueprint


My name is Karen Fiala, I'm the Co-Founder of

I am the Co-Founder of and a futurist with a difference.

Unlike others who simply worry about the trajectory our world is currently taking, I actually show that there are many wonderful ways in which we, human beings, can immediately start to use people-power concepts to turn things around and create a new, much better, ever-advancing civilization.

I do this by inspiring and encouraging others to take positive steps forward, using a myriad of innovative, practical methods which have already been proven to be successful in local communities, towns and cities all over the planet. It is this eye-opening knowledge - along with the realization that we, the people, actually have the power to create our own type of world, based on the ability to think outside the box and by utilizing positive new ways along with a touch of spirituality, which gives us hope that the future will be much better than the past.

My focus is using people-power to make more productive, forward-thinking, self-reliant local communities and towns - then letting these concepts speak for themselves while they spread over the entire world.

I currently live in Australia, where, along with my husband George (the other Co-Founder of AlterQuest and a retired senior economist, who believes the old economic system is about to fail) we focus on ways which will allow others to survive and thrive these upcoming times.

I hope you use the knowledge we've gathered wisely and for the good of humanity!