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Busy Bag Ideas Letter G and Letter H Preschool PDF

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•There will be a different alphabet/math set ( in this set, Pages 5-14) of sheets each month for a
total of 12 months. This is the fourth set (Letters G and H).

This set contains shape cards and weather 3 part cards as well.

Cut each of the cards or the ones you choose and match use playdough to follow along with the shape

playdough cards. I’ve also included shape names for tracing for a more advanced approach.

Page 18-19 are weather cards and can be used as flashcards or as 3 part cards. Match the weather related
name to its correct image card. Supervision is advised with all our activities/printables.

Pages 21-24 are letter G and H cards activities and pg. 25 are a set of fun activities you can

try and are completely optional. Happy learning!  Note: The paint brush and the magician wand can be used

to play and learn. For example, the wand may be used for a fun moving of the wand after your LO writes out

the letter they see on their letter card. The paintbrush can be used after your LO traces the number for a fun

pretend to paint the number. We are all about learning through play and I hope you super enjoy these!

**For a list of some of the supplies we use:


What other fun ways can you think of using these?

For more fun play to learn printable’s, please visit:


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You will get a PDF (20MB) file

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