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Busy Bag Preschool Printable Literacy and Match Pack Letter C and Letter D

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•There will be a different alphabet/math set (Pages 5-12) of sheets each month for a
total of 12 months. This is the first set.

This set contains colors and a fine motor activity as well. Page 13-15 are fine motor cards.

Use a dry erase marker to trace within the lines. You can also use them for cutting with

kids scissors on the lines. J Page 16-18 are a set of rainbow pieces. Complete the rainbow

by stacking them together by biggest to smallest and say aloud the colors!

Page 5-8 are number train cards. Place them in the correct order to complete the train!

Page 9 has a spoon and a soup pot for adding the letters to and stirring. This pretend play

is so much fun. Add the letters to the pot and say aloud their letter sounds. J

Pages 20-23 are letter C and D cards and pg. 24 are a set of fun activities you can try and are

completely optional. Happy learning! J

**For a list of some of the supplies we use:

Enjoy! J

What other fun ways can you think of using these?

For more fun play to learn printable’s, please visit:


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You will get a PDF (16MB) file

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