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Harp Sheet Music for lever or pedal harp

Date of first publication online:

April 8, 2021

  • Playable on: Lever harp, Pedal harp, Electric pedal harp, Electroacoustic pedal harp, Electroacoustic lever harp
  • Level of difficulty: beginner, intermediate 
  • Key: E flat major
  • no lever changes

❤️ Lovely comments from Youtube ❤️

Delightful, upbeat tune! Love the visuals you've added to the music.



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The pdf contains:
Total: 10 pages
Music: 6 pages

"Diodes" is the first piece from the “Modern Vibes” harp suite. I hope this cheerful music brings a smile to your face.” (Roxana Moișanu)

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” (Confucius)

This piece is part of "The Modern Vibes" Suite. You can read more about the suite and purchase the full suite at a discounted price here: Modern Vibes Harp Suite

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