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Avalon Signed Paperback

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Book 2 in the Soothsayer Series

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Avalon, A Soothsayer Novella - Signed paperback

Book Description:
Traitor, prisoner or both? Robert Maxwell is confronted with his past when Lila Patridge, his ex and the woman hell bent on killing The Waker, takes him prisoner. Upon arriving in Avalon, Robert learns that he is meant to be sacrificed in the name of Morgana. With his magic stripped, beaten and bloody, Can he find a way back to Pismo before he loses everything?

As we follow Robert through Avalon, he comes across dark magic, torture, and an unlikely ally. Without his magic to help him, he must find another way to escape. Can he remind Lila of their past and convince her to help him, or will pairing up with her end up being the ultimate betrayal?